How to Sign in Web WeChat

There is a hidden function of signing in Web Wechat on your PC or Mac. This feature comes handy because it allows you to multi-task on your computer, but in order to log WeChat on your computer, you still need your cellphone ready to scan a QR code. So, let’s start:

  1.  Google Web Wechat and then you will see the first result of :
  2. On the main page of, there is a QR code.Image result for web wechat qr code
  3. Open your smartphone WeChat, find the little compass logo on the lower bar that says “discover.”Image result for wechat discover
  4. Tap “Scan QR Code” and scan the QR code on the webpage of your computer.
  5. Congratulations! You successfully logged on Web WeChat.

Time to Restart my Old Blog!

Lots of things happened to me within last year. I’m going to get  a little bit personal and off-topic here, I got a job, left the job, got another job…etc. When someday I re-enter my old blog and saw all those comments left below my blog, I start to realize while I was busy with things happening in my life, I missed a lot.

Therefore, I decide to pick up the old friend that I had before. I am going to keep updating about my blog, same topic, same insights…

Enhancing China’s Outbound Travel Boom Using Sina Weibo

Outbound traveling

According to Reuters, Chinese has overtaken German as the world’s biggest spending travelers. The potential market is still rapidly growing. Last year, Chinese tourists spent 41 percent more on foreign travel than the year before. Here is the reason why outbound traveling destinations should harness Sina Weibo to engage Chinese tourists: In 2012, there were 62 million Weibo accounts related to traveling industry. How to understand those social media savvy Chinese tourists? What are they sharing on Sina Weibo? What are they looking for?

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10 Awesome Features from WeChat That You Don’t Wanna Miss

WeChat, Tencent, Social Media in China, Mobile App, New PR

WeChat app in the world by value

What is WeChat?
Tencent’s WeChat is a mobile app that allows users to connect with friends across platforms. The download is totally free from iPhone App Store, Google Play, Windows 8 Store, Symbian, and BlackBerry. You might wonder, how big is WeChat? It is 300 million big in terms of the users number, according to TechAsia.

The similar dupe for WeChat in smartphone app market is a mobile messenger app called “Whatsapp.” However, WeChat has more features that allow users get to know more friends via “Drift Bottle,” “Shake”, and “Look Around.” I personally enjoy how the app allows me to customize my own Emoticons. Here is a simple listicle of WeChat’s features:

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Mogujie: Chinese Online Community for Fashion + Commerce

Mogujie, Chinese fashion social website, celebrity style

There is a misunderstanding about Mogujie, saying that it is the clone of Pinterest. In fact, Mogujie has a tighter connection with e-commerce websites such as Mogujia and Taobao. Comparing it with Pinterest, Mogujie adhere itself tighter with e-commerce websites but still remain its independency. User can choose whether or not attach shopping link with the pictures they share.

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4 Reasons why I give up Renren: Facebook next?

Renren logofacebook-logo




In May2011, Renren, labeled as “China’s Facebook,” raised $743 million in IPO on New York Stock Exchange with an opening price of $14 each, according to vator news. The function of this social network is just like Facebook, where people can share their status, upload photos, and get news feed from friends; even the UI is almost identical. Right now, Renren’s stock price closed at $3. The problem of “Chinese version Facebook” is not only about money. As an early user and a manager of a Renren public page. I feel sorry but have to say I’m going to give up on this platform. Here are the reasons why:

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How to establish and run Sina Weibo for corporations


Embeded from Technomedia

According to TNW, by the end of 2012, the number of users on Sina Weibo exceeds 500 million, taking away the advertising profit by large scale. The high expanding speed of Sina Weibo’s user scale provides new opportunities for communication between corporations and individual consumers. To establish and run an organization Weibo account has become an essential public relations strategy in China.

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Things you need to know about Tencent QQ

If you think Skype is pretty big with 31 million users all over the world, you may be curious about how another instant message software called Tencent QQ got its 800 million active users. The answer is, it’s in China. The demographic scale is huge, so as the potential market hidden in those QQ users.

If you live in China, have a business in China, or simply interested in how Chinese people communicate online, Tencent QQ is the first social media service you should know, just because it got the largest user scale; and it is certainly the biggest instant messaging system in China.

First questions first, what exactly is QQ?

 Tencent QQ is an instant messenger like Skype, MSN or any other instant messenger that you are familiar with. There is Enghish version of QQ in the link here.  You can download it for free.

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Chinese social media landscape

In China, because of the “Great Firewall”, Chinese Internet users can’s get access to those common social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+. However, this does not mean we don’t use social media platforms. In contrary, we are pretty vibrating in social media, just using different ones.

Here are some simple facts:

  • 36% Chinese Internet users open social media sites as their portal page to Internet;
  • Chinese Internet users spend more time than their counterparts such as Japanese and Americans;
  • China has 513 million social media users, which is the largest demographic numbers worldwide.
  • The biggest Chinese social media platform has approximately 784 million users mainly in China, compared to 1.01 billion Facebook users in the whole world.

Here is the landscape of Chinese social media platforms:

 Chinese social media landscape, social media in China, Tencent, QQ, Sina Weibo

Retrieved from Cic.

The list below shows some of the most powerful social media platforms in China.

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