How to establish and run Sina Weibo for corporations

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According to TNW, by the end of 2012, the number of users on Sina Weibo exceeds 500 million, taking away the advertising profit by large scale. The high expanding speed of Sina Weibo’s user scale provides new opportunities for communication between corporations and individual consumers. To establish and run an organization Weibo account has become an essential public relations strategy in China.

Sina Weibo, Sina Weibo logo

What is Sina Weibo

Sina Weibo is believed as a Twitter’s similar version in China. It is a platform of “Micro Blog”, on which, users can write their content within 140 Chinese characters, publish pictures, and share the content with followers via computer, tablet, or Smartphone in real-time. Accounts who follow you can see your content, comment and share at the same time.  

sina hashtag


A different hash tag

You can also join conversations using hash tag. There is a difference between what a hash tag is like in Twitter.

We know on Twitter, the hash tag is a single # following your conversation topic, but in Sina Weibo, you have to put the topic between two #s like a quote. For example, like the topic about iPhone mini appears on Twitter as “#iPhone mini”, but it appears as “#iPhone mini#” in Sina Weibo.


Verify your account enhances credibility

According to the Telegraph, there are almost 100 million messages being generated on Weibo daily. China’s Sina Weibo users are the most active micro bloggers in the world. Sina customizes its micro blog platform into two versions: for individuals and for organizations. For corporate, I suggest you verify your Weibo account by registering your corporate information. In return, the corporate Weibo account provides data analyzing service, monitoring tools, and marketing tools for free. These tools are not provided for individual accounts. After corporate verifies its account, there will be a little blue “v” mark attached at the lower-right corner on the profile photo.

For individual users, if you are constantly active on Weibo, Sina Weibo will give you an award as “Talent user”, with a red star attached.


What can you do with corporate Weibo?

  • Publicity

Weibo is initially considered as a platform of self-media rather than a symmetrical conversation tool at the beginning. Until today, Weibo still plays an important role in publicizing promotions and events for corporate.

  • Marketing

Corporations can user Weibo to introduce products and services, promote new products, and establish brand names.

  • Customer service

Weibo is a platform of two-way symmetrical communication. On this platform, corporations can collect customers’ feedbacks, and answer their questions.

  • Public relations

The public relations function is the most important component of Weibo outlet. The monitoring tool can serve as an online word-of-mouth monitor. It is also a channel to let your own voice out. In crisis communications, Weibo is a real-time communication channel to actually reach out for traditional media and target audience.

6 tips to be active on Weibo

  • Login your account everyday and keep no less than 3 hours online
  • Publish original posts at least twice a day.
  • There are three active time periods on Weibo: 8:30 pm – 11:30 pm, 9:30 am – 12:00 pm, and 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm.
  • Be interactive. Talk to your followers, and pay attention to the local topic channel. Comment and retweet interesting posts.
  • Pay closely attention to business partner, related industry journalists, and influential accounts.
  • Using @ can increase the opportunity to get the message out.

I want you to share your insights on the most active social media outlet in China. What do you think of it? Is it just a mock-up of Twitter?


3 thoughts on “How to establish and run Sina Weibo for corporations

  1. This looks great! Not to mention that Weibo has great analytic system as long as your are verified as Blue “V” user. (Means you have to prove yourself to Sina that you are the official account)!

    • That is why I personally think Sina Weibo is a more user-friendly platform compared with Twitter. I love Weibo’s analytic tools. They are really handy. One of the downside of using Sina is to beware of “zombie followers”

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