Mogujie: Chinese Online Community for Fashion + Commerce

Mogujie, Chinese fashion social website, celebrity style

There is a misunderstanding about Mogujie, saying that it is the clone of Pinterest. In fact, Mogujie has a tighter connection with e-commerce websites such as Mogujia and Taobao. Comparing it with Pinterest, Mogujie adhere itself tighter with e-commerce websites but still remain its independency. User can choose whether or not attach shopping link with the pictures they share.

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4 Reasons why I give up Renren: Facebook next?

Renren logofacebook-logo




In May2011, Renren, labeled as “China’s Facebook,” raised $743 million in IPO on New York Stock Exchange with an opening price of $14 each, according to vator news. The function of this social network is just like Facebook, where people can share their status, upload photos, and get news feed from friends; even the UI is almost identical. Right now, Renren’s stock price closed at $3. The problem of “Chinese version Facebook” is not only about money. As an early user and a manager of a Renren public page. I feel sorry but have to say I’m going to give up on this platform. Here are the reasons why:

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