Mogujie: Chinese Online Community for Fashion + Commerce

Mogujie, Chinese fashion social website, celebrity style

There is a misunderstanding about Mogujie, saying that it is the clone of Pinterest. In fact, Mogujie has a tighter connection with e-commerce websites such as Mogujia and Taobao. Comparing it with Pinterest, Mogujie adhere itself tighter with e-commerce websites but still remain its independency. User can choose whether or not attach shopping link with the pictures they share.

Mogujie logo, online shopping community, Chinese Pinterest, e-commerce, fashion
The pinboard for social fashion

In China, fashion aholics can find fashion on Mogujie. When they do not know what’s the

Mogujie started up as a pinboard website in February, 2011. The website is mainly targeting at young female users who constantly shop online. On this website, registered user scan share show their shopping items, share
the link, look up for the hottest fashion trend, top popular collections,
celebrity’s styles and so on. They can also search for pinboard results based on items, such as the keyword “top”, “shoes”, “lace” etc. I found the searching g function darned handy because I constantly look for matching advises
from this website.most “IN” fashion style at the current season; or when you lost
yourself in too many choices when shopping online, you can always check this website
for most popular garments, make-up, and other people’s comments.

When online shopping goes social

It is sharing your shopping experience that makes Mogujie stands out of social pinboard websites. Users can share their online shopping experience on They can also upload pictures of themselves and become a model of their own.

The mode of’s daily deal channel is different from normal deal sites.
It is called “reverse group purchase.” Users firstly vote for items that they want on Mogujie if the numbers of the group reached at a certain amount, online sellers will set up a time and price for those Mogujie users.

Even though, Mogujie is an online shopping community, the website is not an e-commerce terminal. Users share their online shopping experiences along with url linking to the shop. Most of the links lead users to Taobao (an e-commerce website like e-bay). Besides Taobao, they also link to other e-commerce websites such as Vancl and Topshop.

Mogujie on mobile devices

Mogujie focus its audience young women who are social media savvy. They also did a good job for bring the website across different mobile devices. Mogujie has its own apps on iPhone, Android, and iPad.

Users can download the app for free. On mobile devices, Mogujie gives the most possibility for social sharing function. Users can message within this app, share the content across QQ, Sina Weibo, and WeChat.

Mogujie’s value

mogujie, Chinese fashion social websiteMogujie is the combination of Pinterest and e-commerce website. Every day, millions of users share their fashion ideas, photo collage, shopping topics, online coupons on According to TechWeb, raises series C funding at $200 million valuation.

My question would be:

Do you think the social online shopping community is similar as Pinterest?

What’s the difference between Pinterest and Mogujie?

Do you think Mogujie is too commercialized?


4 thoughts on “Mogujie: Chinese Online Community for Fashion + Commerce

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  2. I find this blog to be absolutely fresh and enjoyable! This particular topic has left with me with a rather insightful opinion in regards to Mogujie and Pinterest, as well as what these each represent. From my point of view, the social online shopping community and Pinterest are rather similar. Don’t get things twisted; yes I find that they are alike in a number of ways, but I also see them as being two completely different things. When it comes to Pinterest, a person is putting out there and sharing products and ideas that another person can feed off of and use to his or her own personal pleasures. Yes, it is making it easier for those items to be bought and purchased from a large number of people, but there is never that guarantee that a desired profit will be made. Being a rather active Pinterest user myself, I don’t always jump the gun and buy everything that looks appealing to me, but it does allow ideas to stir around in my head about things that I might want to purchase in the future, either online or in an actual store. Social online shopping communities pretty much do about the same functions that Pinterest does, but it’s on a very different level. Yes, ideas are put out there to encourage purchases, but their main goal is for purchases to actually take place, which isn’t the general goal or set of priorities of Pinterest.

    There are many differences between Pinterest and Mogujie. Start with the obvious similarities. They are both pinboards (clearly). A person can pin, post links, and share with a rather large amount of people all over the world their thoughts and ideas. In the sense of differences, Mogujie focuses solely on fashion, and fashion alone. No one will find a hidden tutorial on how to make the best pasta salad on this social networking site and that is what makes it unique and different from that of Pinterest. It certainly would not be the ideal place for a so-called soccer mom to venture off to and explore in the hunt for how to get stains out of a jersey, it just doesn’t work that way. Mogujie allows for fashion ideas to be made more global and brings a new insight to the fashion world by making fashion from all over be available in one place and analyzed by a large number of people. Pinterest is a place where anyone can find anything and everything: tattoos, food, holiday decorations, and the list continues to go on… There really isn’t a fashion part of Pinterest that can even compare with that of Mogujie. Yes, there are categories including men and women’s fashion, but it’s simply amatear and not at all in comparison to what Mogujie is trying to do with their site.

    When it comes to commercialization, that is something that I believe Mogujie is. Nothing meant in a negative manner, but the goal would seem to be for products and ideas to be put out there and then later purchased. Which is a good thing because people have the opportunity to encourage fashion in a positive way by putting their own personal spin on things.

    -Danielle Petrovich

    • Hi Danielle,

      Thank you very much for replying! That’s very thoughtful of you to compare Pinterest with Mogujie. I think you are very right. Mogujie only target at fashion yet Pinterest has more content. Mogujie is extremely commercialized; they even started their own group purchasing activities. Clearly, Pinterest users within fashion industry can also link the product’s url with the pin-board.

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