Time to Restart my Old Blog!

Lots of things happened to me within last year. I’m going to get  a little bit personal and off-topic here, I got a job, left the job, got another job…etc. When someday I re-enter my old blog and saw all those comments left below my blog, I start to realize while I was busy with things happening in my life, I missed a lot.

Therefore, I decide to pick up the old friend that I had before. I am going to keep updating about my blog, same topic, same insights…


Chinese social media landscape

In China, because of the “Great Firewall”, Chinese Internet users can’s get access to those common social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+. However, this does not mean we don’t use social media platforms. In contrary, we are pretty vibrating in social media, just using different ones.

Here are some simple facts:

  • 36% Chinese Internet users open social media sites as their portal page to Internet;
  • Chinese Internet users spend more time than their counterparts such as Japanese and Americans;
  • China has 513 million social media users, which is the largest demographic numbers worldwide.
  • The biggest Chinese social media platform has approximately 784 million users mainly in China, compared to 1.01 billion Facebook users in the whole world.

Here is the landscape of Chinese social media platforms:

 Chinese social media landscape, social media in China, Tencent, QQ, Sina Weibo

Retrieved from Cic.

The list below shows some of the most powerful social media platforms in China.

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